The sales statistics are pretty clear - good, consistent communication from a salesperson creates an increase in closed sales, AND the value of each sale is significantly higher, too!* And if you're using Closing Commander™ to help maintain consistency in your sales follow-ups, it's likely you're already doing more than your competitors, so congratulations!

Good communication is more than just contacting your customers a lot. If they aren't expecting you to touch base frequently during a purchase decision, it can start to get awkward, or worse, you could cross the line into being "that irritating sales person".

So how do make sure you never get lumped into that category, while maintaining consistent communication at every stage?

The answer is simple. Set customer expectations in the beginning.

The best salespeople at the best companies we talk to make sure that their customers always know exactly what is going to happen next.

Are you going to get off the phone after setting an appointment and immediately send a confirmation email? Tell them you're going to do it before you get off the phone.

Will someone be contacting them after service to see if they are happy with how everything went? Tell them before the transaction is over to expect that email, and tell them when it will be arriving.

If they don't know when they will have an answer for you about the estimate you provided? Tell them right then that you will follow up with them a few times, just to make sure they have everything they need while making their decision.

See a pattern? The salespeople who set clear expectations about what is about to happen are the ones who never have customers who feel bothered by consistent and frequent communication. After all, they know it's coming, and they appreciate it. You've prepared them for it. In fact, you have conditioned them to be looking for it, and they will notice if you don't keep your word and communicate like you said you would.

If you use Closing Commander™ and you never tell customers you want to touch base with them during their buying decision, you may have the occasional customer who gets tired of hearing from you. 

So be sure you make it a standard part of the discussion: "Mr. Smith, while you are making that decision, I'll check on you with a quick and friendly email now and again, just so you know. It's my policy to let my customers know they are important to me, and I haven't forgotten about what we have discussed."

Do that, and not only will you close more sales, but they will be worth more to you as well.

*According to the National Association of Sales Executives, 80% of sales happen some time after the fifth contact. And The Annuitas Group reports that nurtured customers (those that receive regular, consistent communication) make 47% larger purchases than those who are not nurtured.

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