If you just started using Closing Commander™ and you have not had a consistent policy for sales follow-ups, the tendency is to want to dump your whole customer list into a tool and churn it to see what falls out.

We understand, but we think you should resist the urge. There are some good reasons for this, too. Read on.

Closing Commander™ is not bulk email marketing.
If it's been over 18 months since you have heard from the customer, they may receive your email with a different mindset than you were hoping for. The number one reason people get spam complaints is because they are sending email messages that the recipient is neither expecting nor feels is currently relevant to them. Scraping the bottom of the estimate barrel with an automated tool is a surefire way to damage your domain's email sending score, get an email account suspended, canceled, or worse. Don't do it. Cull your list to contain only people within the last 18 months, and even better if you limit to going back 8-10 months, and just get serious about consistently adding all your new opportunities to Closing Commander™ from now on.

Old estimates or proposals have inaccurate or expired information anyway.
Many of the customers you might want to contact have estimates so old they may not even have valid pricing anymore, or may require a scope update before sending an email that implies you are still willing to accept them on those terms. It's embarrassing to send an email telling someone you want their business, and when they accept, you tell them that you'll need to review the proposal and see if it's still accurate.

Use Closing Commander™ for existing opportunities ONLY - no prospecting.
Prospecting means contacting someone you'd like to be your customer, but who has no idea who you are or why you would be contacting them, since there is no open business between you yet. That is classified as commercial email, and you need to use a different communication tool for that purpose, so you don't break our Terms of Service. The only people who should be entered into Closing Commander™ are people who have recently received an estimate, quote, bid, or proposal from you or your company.

NOTE: At this time there is no method for importing a list of customers from a spreadsheet or connection with third-party software.

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