In the United States (which is the only territory in which we conduct business), CAN-SPAM laws require a way for customers to remove themselves from your mailing lists. However, when used according to our Terms of Service, Closing Commander™ is not an email marketing service.

The difference between a marketing offer and a follow-up.

A marketing offer is an enticement to initiate new business. A sales follow-up email is an attempt to close existing business between two parties. This is treated differently.

As of this writing, US businesses have the right to contact a customer for the purpose of conducting open business. By asking you for an estimate, quote, proposal or bid, your customer has already initiated open business between you. You have spent your time and resources to provide them with the information needed to make a buying decision. Following up until that decision has been communicated to you is a necessary part of any business relationship.

For this reason, we do not place Unsubscribe links at the bottom of our follow-up emails. It would send the wrong message to your customer, and make it feel less personal, thereby reducing the authenticity and effectiveness of this kind of communication.

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