Can you send multiple follow-up emails to a single customer, if I have multiple projects going with them? For example, as a contractor you might have proposed a bathroom remodel, a kitchen makeover, an additional room, and knocking out a wall in the living room. You treated each of these projects as separate proposals. But should you follow up individually on each of them?

No. Here's why.

The customer knows how many proposals are being discussed. So do you. But if your customer opens up their email inbox to discover three or four emails from you, all saying the same thing, how do you imagine that might make them feel? Confused? Irritated?

We built Closing Commander™ around this simple rule: One email at a time for one customer. 

They will let you know which proposal they want to accept, decline, or wait on. The purpose of the email is to remind them that you are still engaged, and want to be helpful to them as they make their decision. We want to be on their mind, not in their hair.

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