It's a good strategy to follow up on all open sales. It demonstrates that you care about their customers, and you have not forgotten them during their decision. Not to mention all that money you'd be leaving on the table otherwise. But what if a customer expresses very specific wishes about how you communicate with them?

The short answer is: Honor their request.

Here are the typical customer requests we see on a regular basis, and how to handle them:

A Customer asks you to get back with them on a certain date.

  • Simply adjust their follow-up campaign in Closing Commander™, and set a date to resume as close as possible to the requested date.

A Customer tells you not to contact them, they'll contact you.

  • Stop the follow-ups in Closing Commander™ to prevent any more emails from being sent from the system.
  • Alternately, some sales trainers might say that this is still someone with whom you should follow up. After all, they have asked you to spend your time and resources to provide an estimate. You have a reasonable expectation to have an answer from them about the open business between you, and to respectfully pursue that answer. If you take this approach, be sure you set a proper, respectful expectation with your customer about why you cannot precisely honor that request by saying something like, "Mr. Smith, I understand, but it's our policy to follow up with every customer we have provided an estimate to. I promise not to push, I just need to follow our follow-up policies as part of our relationship, I hope you'll understand. Would personal email from me be okay?"

A Customer tells you their preferred method of communication is not Email, but a phone call or text message.

  • If the customer is already in Closing Commander™, stop the follow-ups to prevent any more emails from being sent from the system, and use the Reminder button to set a date for following up by phone or text.
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