Congratulations on considering the FREE Trial of Closing Commander™! Before you start, we wanted you to have some information that will make your trial period as valuable as possible. 

The email addresses you use in Closing Commander™ are the addresses that your customers will receive email from. Because of this, it is a good idea to consider which company email address you would like to use to join.

Which email address should you use to join?

  1. The General Office Email Address
    Many people sign up using a general or shared office email address (i.e. office@, sales@, or info@). Signing up this way will allow you to try it out, and decide how Closing Commander™ fits your company work style. You can continue using this shared or general inbox for sending all sales follow-ups, and it becomes a simple task for someone in the office to enter new customers and monitor active contacts on the dashboard from this one account. This is a great option when the team in the field requires office support services, or you just prefer to run all email for the team through a central inbox. You can always add additional accounts later.
  2. The Owner/Sales Leader Email Address
    Other companies see the value of providing every salesperson in the organization with their own account, so they can each manage their own sales follow-ups. This is especially good when your sales team works on a commission structure, and they have the responsibility for closing their own sales from their own efforts. Sales teams LOVE Closing Commander™ for that reason! With a sales automation tool like this, they feel well provisioned and set up to win. If you are an owner, solopreneur, or manage a sales team you want to add later, consider joining this way.

NOTE: The email address you want to use to send emails might be set up in your inbox settings as a "Send mail as" email address. That's okay. While you can't log in or authenticate with that address, you can use the email account it's set up in to create your Closing Commander™ account, and once the account is created, you will find all your "Send as" email addresses for that account are available to choose from for sending purposes.

Currently, the app is only compatible with G Suite and Gmail accounts. If you sign up using a different email platform, you will have to log in to Closing Commanderthrough the website.

Once you have decided which email address you will use to join and start your free trial, be sure you have the login credentials for that email account handy at signup, so you can log in and allow access to Closing Commander™.

Now that you've made that decision, let's get started!

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